Sales Management

Simply stated, a sales manager’s primary responsibility is to train, guide,and motivate the sales force members to make more sales. That sounds easy enough to do – in theory. In reality, it is not as easy as it sounds.

– Competition is greater than ever.

– Customers are more demanding … because they are better informed.

– Sales force members are better educated and expect higher quality sales force leadership than ever before.

Key Success Factors

We will help you determine in which factor area that your sales management team needs the most training.

Personal Sales Process

 The benefits of face-to-face selling cannot be overstated. Prospects will buy from salespeople who they know and who they trust. How a salesperson implements the personal sales process best practices determines the level of trust developed with the prospect. The greater the trust, the greater the chances of the prospect becoming a paying customer. (See also: Sales Process

Through a customized-for-you field- and classroom- training program, your sales staff will learn how to be more productive!

Strategic Planning

External and internal factors determine sales manager’s strategy selection. There are seven uncontrollable external factors that are part of the sales environment. There are two controllable internal factors. Considering and weighing these factors while performing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis will make your decision easier. 

We will help you perform a SWOT analysis to determine the best strategy for your situation! 

Sales Organization

There are four types of a sales organization: 1) line, 2) line and staff, 3) functional, and 4) horizontal. Selecting the proper type for your business environment greatly increased the chances of sustained success. 

We will help you evaluate and choose the best sales organization that will yield optimal efficiency and productivity!

Sales Analysis

Action without reflection is counterproductive. Sales analysis is the flip side of strategic planning. Proper sales reports greatly increase the chance of making the best-informed decisions. The best combination of sales reports will show the per customer sales, the per salesperson sales volume, and the costs incurred to secure those customers.

 We will help you determine the resulting what and why of your salespeople’s efforts.

Then, we will help you determine what to do next regarding those results.