Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Scenario 1 - You wish you could understand what your financial statements are telling you.

Thus far, you have experienced pretty good success with your business.

However, you feel that you could be doing better – much better.

You have a suspicion that an in-depth analysis of your financial statements will provide with critical insights, that, when applied, will improve your business operations on many levels.

If only you knew how to perform that in-depth analysis … 

Scenario 2 - You see your accountant only during tax season.

He or she hands you your completed business tax return 7 – 10 days later. You say, “Thanks” and leave.

Next year, during tax season, you repeat the same process.

Between tax seasons you and your accountant never speak. 

Scenario 3 - Your bank requires quarterly financial statements.

Since the loan officer is providing you with excellent cash management flexibility and availability, you have your accountant prepare the statements.

As soon as you get back to your office, your copy of the financial statements is put in the filing cabinet – and you close the drawer.

In three months, you will file the next quarterly statements in the same drawer – and close it once again. 

 If so, you are missing valuable input from your financial statements

that can greatly affect many of your management decisions.

Our help is not meant to replace your accountant.

Our help is meant to be a bridge between you and your accountant.

We will work closely with your accountant, to the extent that you want us to do so.