Flat Tire Syndrome

Flat Tire Syndrome

Regardless of the year, make, or model of a vehicle, sooner or later one of the tires will go flat. Assuming the vehicle is not a complete clunker, the vehicle is not scrapped. The flat tire is fixed or replaced. You get back in the vehicle and continue your journey.

Occasionally, prior to a tire becoming flat, the under-pressurized tire will pull the vehicle to the right or to the left – causing undo wearing down of the tread, which could ultimately lead to a serious accident causing severe injury or even death. Comparing this scenario to a business is easy.

Given the many aspects of a business operation, it is easy for one component or another to become “soft” – causing what was at one time a profit center to become a cost center. Determining which component is “soft” can be challenging!

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A Flat Tire Syndrome situation usually allows for a comparatively quick and easy solution. However, as with a vehicle, sometimes it is necessary to “pop the hood” to take a deeper look.

In a business, that can mean an in-depth review of all financial information, observation of the manufacturing process, an in-field observation of the sales approach, or another in-depth step to determine precisely the cause of the soft spot.

Once the cause is uncovered, then the Flat Tire Syndrome approach is all that is needed for management to fix the problem. Then you can be on your way to a smoother running business.

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