FAQ – Fixing the business
 If you have a question that does not appear here, send us an email georgescott@businessconsultingsvcs.com  Better yet, give us a call at 517-515-1701

1. Do I have to know what my actual problem is before I call BCS?

No. Helping you to determine your ACTUAL PROBLEM is one of the most significant ways we can help you solve it. Getting to the heart of the matter may require asking some tough questions. Don’t worry though. Frank answers to those question is how you can help us help you.

2. How do I know that you can actually help me determine my actual problem?

While we have special insights into many business problems, we do not have all the insights into all business problems. Correspondingly, we have strategic relationships with many individuals who have experiential and academic credentials in specialized fields. When the need for their involvement arises, the become part of the project team.

3. Can my business be too big or too small for BCS to able to help solve my problems?

We hope to be able to help small business grow into bigger businesses. thus, no business is too small for us to provide help. While we seek to help businesses with annual sales of up to $20 million, each business is evaluated on a case by case basis.

4. I have heard 'things' about consultant fees. What should I know about yours?

Part of our operational philosophy is “Above all else, be fair.” This means being fair to our clients, fair to our suppliers and fair to our staff members. To that end, we strive to provide help that will save businesses thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of dollars (depending on the current size of the business). Our solutions and our fees are tailored to the unique dynamics of each business situation. We intend for our fees to be fair and reasonable so that you will receive excellent value (and savings) for the fees that you pay us.

5. How are your fees paid?

For most projects, there will be three payments: 1) an initial retainer (non-refundable), 2) a mid-project partial payment, and 3) a completed project final payment. If a project length exceeds 60 days, monthly payments may make sense for you and us. The exact amount of monthly payments will be determined based on the project’s dynamics.