The most innovative new product needs marketing. The newest service that improves the quality of life needs marketing. Taking the new product or service to market requires a detailed marketing plan. A comprehensive marketing plan will include topics such as:


Developing your advertising strategy and then implementing it are not easy tasks. Selecting the right type of ad to place in the most cost effective media outlet is never easy.

We can help make your advertising decision making easier!

Competition Analysis

There is only one way to secure and maintain a competitive edge – know what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it. There are numerous direct and indirect sources from which competitive information can be gleaned. 

Let us help you gain and maintain your competitive edge!

Distribution Channel Selection

If you are selling a product, you need to determine how you are going to distribute your product. The same goes for rendering a service. Diverse distribution channel opportunities exist. Distribution of some products and services can be successful using only one channel. The highly successful distribution of most products and services require using multiple distribution channels.

We will gather the information – you choose the channel.


As references in Target Marketing above, the right type of packaging and the ease at which the product can be accessed can rocket a product to great success! Customer-centrism is a must regarding packaging. 

Let your packaging give you a competitive edge!


Your product or service can be priced too high. Your product or service can be priced too low. In order to succeed in your market, the price of your product or service must be competitive. The number of orders you are processing will help you gauge the effectiveness of your pricing strategy. 

Proper pricing attracts customers!


There are variety of ways a product or service can be promoted. Getting the promotion mix just right sometimes is the objective. 

We will help you determine the best promotion mix!

Public Relations

Essentially, public relations is advertising – without the cost. In the current business environment, it is best to engage in pro-active public relations. Only engaging in reactive public relations means you have a big problem on your hands. Well planned public relations can help keep any customer issues in a proper perspective.

Properly implemented public relations can do wonders for your business!


Making a business decision based on supposition and conjecture rarely yields desired results. Making a business decision based on information and insights gained through the proper research can yield amazing results! Of course, the right type of research must be consistent with the reason you want to conduct the research. 

Proper research yields dividends!

Sales & Sales Management

The personal selling process and the corresponding management of the sales force have evolved – an integrated approach will yield better results. High power performance can be achieved with a balance of classroom and field training. 

Proper hiring and proper training can yield a dynamic sales team!

Target Marketing

Someone once said : “Fish where the fish are.” Adapting that phrase to target marketing, it becomes “Sell where your buyers are.” Determining the best possible  market segment(s) and sub-segment(s) will guide you with all other marketing decisions. For example, “opens easily” should be a feature of the packaging and container of products being sold to baby boomers. Whereas, “Place your order via your smartphone” can be a marketing directive for Generation Y and Millennial market segments

Fish where the fish are!

Each of these categories has sub-categories that, addressed properly, will increase the chance of success for a productive marketing campaign.