Special Reports
SPECIAL REPORTS  are meant to provide useful insights about factors that can affect business owners.  Additionally, they are meant to indicate the depth of knowledge of our staff members that adds value to our services.

The Value of Financial Statement Analysis

All aspects of a business operation can be quantified. The easiest quantifiable aspect is the tracking of revenues and expenses. At the end of a financial reporting period (i. e., week, month, quarter, or year) the categorization of the cash flows, when grouped according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), present a financial snapshot – which, and should, be analyzed to help a business owner make the best possible management decisions. 

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Business Valuation Methods

One of the most sensitive issues regarding an ongoing business operation is determining its marketable value. While two businesses may be in same industry producing a similar product or providing a similar service and generate roughly the same annual revenues, there values will differ!

Factors contributing to the differing values can include, but not be limited to: 1) How customers are attracted and then serviced, 2) The relationship with suppliers, 3) Branding efforts, 4) How the company is structured, 5) The trending growth or decline of revenues, 6) Client/customer turnover rates, 7) The company’s financial stability, and 8) The implemented pricing strategy.

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Special Report Business Valuation Methods

Business Plans

Being organized is key to success in any effort. A properly tailored business plan can provide a business owner with much needed guidance as the business operation moves forward. Business plan customization works best when input is received from knowledgeable and credible advisers, such as an attorney, an accountant, a mentor, or a business consultant.

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Special Report The Value of Business Plans

Additional Special Reports will appear throughout the coming months. Topics addressed will always be relevant to available BCS services.